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Browsing through this site you will notice the vast selection of products MSPATEL has developed over the many years of servicing our customers. It is, therefore very likely that the part you are looking for Ebac Online curso decoracao de interiores will already be available. However, if your requirement is for a custom part or you need a variation of an existing part, MSPATEL tool and die capabilities are unmatched in the industry. In many cases an alteration to our existing tooling may be all that is necessary, resulting in time and cost savings to you.  
You can choose metal, colours and finishes.  
Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Gilding Metal and Stainless Steel are our most commonly requested metals, though other less popular metals are often used.  
Choose from a broad spectrum of Standard or custom colors with bulk painted or sprayed enamel finishes.
Anodized colors are available on aluminium eyelets and grommets.
Whether your needs are for decorative or protective purposes, MSPATEL has its own modern in-plant facilities for these popular processes:  
 Nickel Plating  Lacquering  Passivating
 Brass Plating  Burnishing  Enameling
 Zinc Plating  Anodizing  Spraying
 Copper Plating  Molten Tinning  Anealing
 Antique Bronze Plating  Electro Tin Plating  Phospating
 Black Nickel Plating  Slush Compound  Chemical Blackening
There are three basic types of settings...Roll (or coil), Scored, or Flared. The most common is the roll, which provides a smooth, rounded, uniform surface. A Scored setting divides the end of the barrel into equal segments to provide extra grip strength in soft materials. A Flared setting is commonly used in PC boards and provides a funnel appearance often used for soldering.  
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