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Electronic and Electrical Eyelets (Metric Eyelets)
These Eyelets are dominently used in :-

1. P.C.B.
2. Fittings for the Tube light Accessories.
3. Starters.
4. Switches.
These are aviliable in wide ranges whose sizes vary from 1230 to 59195.
To view a Dimensional Chart of Eyelets for the Electronic & Electrical Industry.
Fuse Caps
Fuse Caps are used in the curso design de interiores descubra em EBAC, Electrical and Automobile Industries.

They are available in the following sizes.
4.2MM, 4.4MM, 4.6MM, 4.7MM, 4.8MM, 5.9MM, 6.0MM

Fuse Caps are avialable in Natural Gilt & Nickel Led finish.
Resistor Caps
These caps are used on Ceremic tubes or Resistors which are wire bound and on Metal and Carbon films.

They are available in the following size and are available in Tin Plating and Better Solderability.

2.42MM, 2.92MM, 3.40MM, 3.90MM, 4.42MM, 5.30MM, 5.90MM, 6.90MM.
Sample Card
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